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Lean Engineering was appointed as the electrical contractor for the development of a new state-of-the-art waste management facility. Rathcliff Recycling is the largest transport provider for WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) across Ireland and operates the second largest recycling, consolidation, and treatment plant in the country.

Project Details: ​​

Lean Engineering was proud to undertake the electrical contract for the development of the advanced waste management facility at Rathcliff Recycling. This facility aimed to address the growing need for effective and sustainable waste management solutions in Ireland.

The project involved the installation of various electrical elements and systems to support the facility's efficient operations and ensure the highest standards of safety and functionality.

The main switch gear formed a crucial part of the electrical infrastructure, providing reliable power distribution and control within the facility. Lean Engineering installed and configured the main switch gear to support the diverse electrical requirements of the waste management operations.

An ESB upgrade was carried out to enhance the power supply capacity and reliability, meeting the specific demands of the waste management facility. This upgrade ensured a consistent and robust power supply, supporting the proper functioning of electrical systems throughout the facility.

Safety was a top priority in the project. Lean Engineering installed a comprehensive fire alarm system, designed to detect any potential fire incidents and provide early warning. This system played a critical role in safeguarding the facility and its personnel, enabling prompt responses and minimizing the risk of damage.

To ensure accessibility and safety for all individuals within the premises, Lean Engineering installed Disabled Persons Alarm Systems. These systems were carefully designed and implemented to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and compliance with accessibility regulations.

Emergency lighting was a vital component of the facility's safety infrastructure. Lean Engineering designed and installed an efficient emergency lighting system to provide illumination during power outages or emergencies, ensuring safe evacuation routes and compliance with safety standards.

The project encompassed the installation of lighting and power systems throughout the facility. Lean Engineering strategically planned the placement and design of lighting fixtures to optimize visibility, energy efficiency, and productivity within the waste management facility.

To support the technological needs of the facility, Lean Engineering carried out data installation, establishing a reliable and high-speed data network. This network facilitated seamless communication, data transfer, and efficient management of information within the facility.

The implementation of a CCTV system was a critical security measure for Rathcliff Recycling. Lean Engineering installed state-of-the-art CCTV systems, providing comprehensive surveillance coverage to monitor and protect the facility against potential security threats.

The successful completion of the Rathcliff Recycling project demonstrated Lean Engineering's expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality electrical installations in the waste management sector. By meeting the project's requirements and adhering to industry standards, Lean Engineering played a vital role in supporting Rathcliff Recycling's mission of sustainable waste management in Ireland.

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Project Status:


Completion Date:

May 18, 2023

Services Provided:

Main switch gear
Fire Alarm
CCTV System
Lighting Installations
Emergency Lighting Installations
Disabled Persons Alarm Systems
Telephone & Data Systems