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Lean Engineering were proud to be awarded the electrical installation contract at the prestigious new Jones Engineering Office and workshop, constructed at Collinstown.

Project Details: ​​

The Jones Engineering project marked another significant milestone for Lean Engineering as they undertook the electrical installation for the state-of-the-art Jones Engineering Office and workshop facility in Collinstown.

The project encompassed a wide range of electrical elements and systems, each meticulously planned and executed to meet the highest industry standards. The main switch gear installation formed the backbone of the electrical infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient power distribution throughout the facility.

As part of the project, Lean Engineering executed an ESB upgrade to enhance the power supply capacity, accommodating the specific requirements of the new office and workshop. This upgrade played a crucial role in supporting the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the facility's electrical systems.

Safety and security were paramount considerations in the project. Lean Engineering installed a comprehensive fire alarm system to ensure early detection and effective response in case of fire incidents. Disabled Persons Alarm Systems were also installed to provide accessibility and safety for all individuals within the premises.

Emergency lighting played a vital role in maintaining a safe environment during unforeseen power outages or emergencies. Lean Engineering designed and installed an efficient emergency lighting system to provide essential illumination, enabling safe evacuation and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

The project included the installation of lighting and power systems throughout the facility, combining functionality and aesthetics to create an optimal working environment for Jones Engineering's operations. The lighting design was carefully executed to enhance visibility, productivity, and energy efficiency.

To support the technological infrastructure, Lean Engineering carried out data installation, ensuring a reliable and high-speed data network for seamless communication and data transfer within the facility. This facilitated efficient workflows and supported the office's connectivity needs.

Security was prioritized through the installation of CCTV systems, providing comprehensive surveillance coverage to safeguard the premises. The CCTV systems offered a robust security solution, enhancing the overall safety and protection of the Jones Engineering Office and workshop.

Additionally, Lean Engineering provided electrical services associated with mechanical services, ensuring seamless integration and functionality between the electrical and mechanical systems. This comprehensive approach contributed to the efficient operation of the facility as a whole.

The successful completion of the Jones Engineering project showcased Lean Engineering's commitment to excellence, professionalism, and attention to detail. By delivering high-quality electrical installations within the specified timeline, Lean Engineering played a pivotal role in supporting Jones Engineering's operations at their new Collinstown facility.

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Project Location

Project Status:


Completion Date:

December 10, 2020

Services Provided:

Main switch gear
Electrical Services for Mechanical Systems
Fire Alarm
Data Installation
CCTV System
Lighting Installations
Emergency Lighting Installations
Small Power Lighting
Disabled Persons Alarm Systems